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I hope many of you were able to participate in the American Society of Anesthesiologists' "When Seconds Count™" (WSC) webinar held April 28th.  For those of you who were unable to tune in, I want to make you aware of the WSC resources available to MSA members.


WSC is a public relation, education, and advocacy endeavor with the goal to educate Americans about the critical role physician anesthesiologists play in surgery and medicine. It is thoughtfully crafted after surveys of the public, healthcare-savvy consumers, and policymakers to deliver the most effective messaging on the importance of physician-led anesthesia care.  I strongly encourage you to study the material before engaging lawmakers and other influential individuals in discussion of scope of practice and the physician supervision requirement. 


Go to the website and log in (using your ASA username and password) to the Members area (orange square). You will find links to WSC educational and messaging materials, as well as to WSC webinars.


The Message Map provides background to the WSC campaign and an overview of the messaging themes. Specific messaging materials directed at policymakers and legislators augment the information MSA has created in the last year for your use with your lawmakers. You will also find supporting material for the major themes of the WSC message.


Michigan can be proud that one of us, Dr. Ken Elmassian, chairman of the ASA Committee on Communications, played an integral role in the development of this project.  Thank you, Ken!




Frederick W. Campbell, M.D.

President, Michigan Society of Anesthesiologists

Office: 517-346-5088

Fax: 517-371-1170


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