Opioid Consensus Statement
As you know, the opioid crisis affects Michiganders from every walk of life, and an estimated 40-50% of prescription opioid abuse can be traced to medications obtained in the perioperative period.  In conjunction with our nurse anesthetist colleagues, we have created the following consensus statement, with the hope that Michigan's anesthesia team members can attack the problem at its origin.  
Part of that requires aggressive patient education, part requires changes in perioperative pain management, and part requires communications with our surgeons who are, after all, the actual prescribers after the surgical insult has occurred.  I encourage you to not only read and digest the information in the statement, but also share with your surgical, nursing, and administrative friends.  I've also attached a PDF version of the statement, in hopes that you might consider posting in your work areas.

I hope you enjoy the remainder of our beautiful Michigan summer, and have a wonderful fall.


Roy Soto, M.D.
President, Michigan Society of Anesthesiologists


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