Students & Education

As part of the Michigan Society of Anesthesiology's commitment to education and the advancement of the specialty of Anesthesia, the MSA recognizes the efforts and contributions of both the resident and student sections. This area of the website is dedicated to their development and contains details of their activities and programs. Below is a message from Michael Oleyar of the MSA medical student section:

I would like to welcome you to the webpage for the Medical Student Section (MSS) of the Michigan Society of Anesthesiologists (MSA). The MSS was created to pool students interested in anesthesiology from all the medical schools in Michigan to promote MSA values. Most group activity focuses on key values: education, research, networking, and patient safety. In March our largest student meeting occurs at the annual MSA Scientific Session in Troy, Michigan. Other opportunities for involvement occur throughout the year, hopefully building and maintaining students' interest in anesthesiology. All students are welcome to join and share their ideas. All schools are represented through a couple of student leaders on the Governing Council, so please be sure to reach out to school representatives for more information. Joining the American Society of Anesthesiologists Medical Student Component is also encouraged. Student application information can be found at

Michael Oleyar

Online Discussion and Resource Posting

The Medical Student Section of the Michigan Society of Anesthesiologists has its own Google Groups page dedicated to discussion and posting online resources. Students can join by visiting the group webpage at and clicking the join button. New members must be approved by group leaders so please expect a short delay in access. Once new members are accepted, they are free to participate in discussion and add information.

Rural Mentorship

Interested in spending some time at a rural program?  Want to know more about rural medicine and anesthesiology?  Want a different experience to broaden your knowledge and experience?  Want to spend time learning anesthesiology directly with an attending physician mentor?  If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you should consider spending time with a rural mentor in anesthesiology.  A new mentor section has been added to the MSA page with potential rural mentors.  Students who participate in rural mentoring activities might even be eligible for a scholarship offered through ASA.  Scholarship information is available from ASA at  Please contact Michael Oleyar at for more information.