For Michigan physicians, patient safety and quality care always come first.  House Bill 4359 threatens both.

The experiences of our frontline health leaders are real.  Many got very sick.  Some died doing their jobs… taking care of their patients.

House Bill 4359 removes physician oversight of critically important anesthesia care.  TV shows might make it look ordinary, but anesthesia carries significant risks. 

House Bill 4359 would mean that physician supervision of this care would no longer be required in surgery, in outpatient settings, in clinics, dental facilities – you name it.

Less training and less experience means higher risks and more danger for Michigan patients.  And when lives are on the line, a physician’s training, experience and supervision matters.

If the pandemic has taught us anything it’s just how important it is that patients have access to the highest quality care.  House Bill 4359 does the opposite.

Join us.  Click here to let your lawmakers know that you oppose House Bill 4359 and they should, too!

*Paid for by the Michigan Society of Anesthesiologists